What is mindfulness? 5 tips to improve your training

There are many words and phrases that have been used in Spanish to try to translate mindfulness. However, none seems to be convincing, which is why the English voice continues to be used. We could define it as full attention, that is, focusing all our interest, observation, and reflection on the present moment, on a specific situation, without judging, without trying to control it, simply immersing ourselves in what we are doing.

And you may wonder… what does this have to do with sports? Quite. Everyone knows that to have a good sports performance it is not enough to be physically well, the psychological aspect is also key. It is much more important than it may seem to us. High-level teams in many sports already have a psychologist on their technical staff, and sports psychologists recognize that mindfulness can help improve performance.

Be absolutely attentive to what we are doing. Without going further. To our race if we run, to pedaling when we are on the bike, to each stroke if we fight against the water. Achieving that full attention will make us better. Some basic mindfulness exercises are these.

1. The breathing

Let’s start with something simple. One minute focused on our breathing. There is nothing else. Eyes open, air enters through the nose and exits through the mouth. We notice how it comes and goes. We listen to the air.

2. Music

We sit on the sofa, close our eyes and listen to music. It doesn’t have to be relaxing, each one the type that you like. But we are going to pay attention to each sound, to notice details that we had never detected. To get into the swing of the chords.

3. Shower

I’m sure we already do this. Well now it’s called mindfulness. The water falling on our head and sliding down our entire body. It’s cold outside and that shower transports us. Enjoy the moment. We are alone, calm. Let’s forget the problems for a few seconds.

2. An object

This is a good mindfulness and anti-stress exercise. Let’s try doing it in a particular way: you’re at work, the tasks are piling up, it doesn’t give you life!! Okay, let’s calm down, choose any object and focus on it for two or three minutes. In its hidden features. In its color, shape, everything.

5. With another person

Breathing exercise similar to the first, but this time accompanied. We sit down, hold hands and concentrate on each other’s breathing.