Tricks to improve circulation in your legs

One of the most common ailments among adults is what is scientifically known as chronic venous insufficiency, which, more commonly said, is poor blood circulation in the legs. The reasons are varied, they can range from genetic causes, to some type of previous accident or to the work activity carried out by the patient in question, going through many other causes.

Experts say that approximately 30% of the adult population suffers from this problem, so whether you are one of that percentage or not, take note of the following tips to improve circulation in case one day you have to try to put it remedy:

1. Never stay long in the same position

Especially sitting or standing still. This is very common in sedentary jobs or in people who must travel a lot. In both cases, we must remember the importance of moving periodically.

2. walk

Physical activity in general is good, but it would be enough to walk 30 minutes a day to notice an improvement in blood circulation in the legs. If you can push yourself further, swimming and cycling are two great options.

3. Keep your legs up

As soon as you can spend some time resting, do it with your legs up, similar to the position recommended for pregnant women in their final phase. The hotter it is, the better it is to repeat this position.

4. Use a pillow to sleep on

It is highly recommended to raise your legs approximately 15 centimeters when you rest to promote blood flow and therefore improve this circulation problem. Just place a cushion under your feet.

5. Massage the area

Not only putting yourself in the hands of a physio is recommended, but also giving yourself massages daily. They do not need to be long-lasting, but they do need to be repeated on the legs and ankles, in an upward direction. If you can, apply cold at the same time.

Leg massages always help improve circulation (Photo: iStock)

6. Cold showers

The shower is better and especially with the coldest water possible. This activates the circulation, especially if the jet is shot hard on the legs directly.

7. Do not wear tight clothing

If you ever see the marks of tight socks after hours in them, you will see that your ankles swell. Remember that image if you have circulation problems and avoid tight-fitting clothes that don’t breathe well.

8. Wear compression stockings

It is better to consult an expert, but their use is becoming more common and there are people who cannot live without them. They are used for day to day and also for demanding sports such as running.

Sports such as running require the use of compression stockings (Photo: iStock)

9. Turn to foods rich in potassium

Anything that involves eating foods rich in potassium is helpful in improving the circulatory problem. Bananas and nuts are a great option in this case. Reduce fat intake and boost vitamin C and B intake, as well as plenty of fiber.

10. Avoid sources of heat

Do not stay near stoves and other sources of heat, no matter how cold it is. They dilate the vessels and promote the appearance of varicose veins, so avoid direct contact with them.