Soaps and foot creams

The feet are one of the parts of the body that need the most attention and care, but in practice they are the least attended to. But in the market you can find a wide variety of foot soaps and creams, which are exclusive for your care and protection, which will allow you to wear bunion corrector sandals.

Bad habits and the use of inappropriate footwear make foot ailments a health problem. To avoid these conditions and suffering, it is advisable to provide the necessary care and the use of appropriate products for the feet.

foot soaps and creams

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    Why use foot soaps and creams?

    The problems in the feet are due to the fact that they support the body weight on a daily basis and are continuously subjected to aggressions. For this reason they are frequently affected by different types of injuries and pathologies. These lesions may not be serious illnesses, but they can be very annoying, deteriorate health, and decrease quality of life.

    Injuries to the feet can most of the time be avoided by adopting a series of hygienic measures. It can also be achieved by using suitable footwear and correcting the way you step.

    A bath with foot soaps eliminates sweat secretions, temporarily reduces infection and stimulates blood circulation.

    What kind of foot soaps to use?

    In order for the feet to have adequate care, healthy and sick people must adopt a series of daily hygiene habits. These should be washed daily with not very hot water and not leave them soaking for a long time.

    Washing should be done with soaps that are not too aggressive, but are slightly antiseptic and deodorant. The application of soap must be done properly so that the feet are very clean.

    The correct way to do it is to pass a sponge with soap over the feet during the bath and very carefully clean between the toes. Then pass the sponge to wash the sole of the foot, the area of ​​the ankles and the heels.

    After washing the feet, they must be dried well, taking special care in the interdigital areas, to avoid the formation of fungus. When you spend all day wearing boots or shoes, they should be washed again, because they have sweated and they have a bad smell and the way to eliminate them is with a good wash.

    Moisturizing foot creams

    Moisturizing foot creams should be applied after washing the feet. These creams help prevent the appearance of unsightly and annoying cracks. The recommended ones are those that are quickly absorbed, which are the best for taking care of this part of the body.

    The creams should be applied by massaging the different parts of the foot until it penetrates, which is beneficial for relaxation and rest. These must contain in their formulation mild keratolytics, antiperspirant agents, antimicrobials, refreshing substances, vasodilators that stimulate circulation, products with softening and emollient properties.