How to remove bad smell from armpits

One of the most unpleasant and annoying problems both for the person who suffers from it and for those around them, is the bad smell of the armpits; especially when it is accompanied by sweating and stains on clothes.

This uncomfortable factor can affect both men and women after puberty and throughout life; However, there are simple and efficient solutions to eliminate it. In this article, we show you how to remove bad smell from armpits naturally.


  • 1 Causes of underarm odor
  • 2 Treatments against underarm odor
  • 3 Lettuce
  • 4 Lemon
  • ~ 252~5 Baking soda

    Causes of bad smell from the armpits

    Many people associate bad armpit odor with poor hygiene, however, in most cases it is generated due to hormonal and glandular factors.

    Likewise, there are factors that favor bad smell in the armpits; some of them are genetic, such as the number and size of glands in the armpits, others, for their part, are related to lifestyle.

  • Obesity.
  • Cigarette.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Food (excess coffee, onion, curry, pepper, among others).
  • Alcohol.
  • Bad personal hygiene.
  • Antibiotics
  • Among others, such as diabetes and the amount of bacteria on the skin, are factors that contribute to bad armpit odor,

    Underarm odor treatment

    Despite the number of factors that promote underarm odor, there are treatments and home remedies that work effectively and quickly.

    Because they are treatments with natural ingredients, they can be used on all skin types, especially the most sensitive and delicate.


    Although it may not seem like it, lettuce is an excellent remedy to eliminate odor and reduce excessive sweating in the armpits.

    It can be used on irritated skin as it provides freshness and eliminates bacteria naturally; its use is very simple:

  • Wash and dry two fresh lettuce leaves.
  • Clean with plenty of water and dry the area to be treated.
  • Place a leaf under each armpit.
  • Hold until the leaves come to room temperature, about 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove and do not rinse.
  • Lemon

    Lemon is frequently used to lighten the skin, likewise, it is ideal for eliminating bacteria due to the citric acid it provides, thus eliminating bad odors.

    To use it as an underarm treatment you should:

  • Cut a lemon in half.
  • Rub half a lemon on each armpit.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Remove with plenty of water.
  • Baking Soda

    One of the many uses of baking soda is to eliminate bad odors in general, and armpits are no exception.

  • Wash the area to be treated very well.
  • Apply baking soda to each armpit with your finger or cotton ball.
  • Let absorb for 3 minutes and you’re done.