How to combat oily hair

Poor maintenance of our hair, incorrect use of washing products, or in the worst case an unfortunate genetics, are some of the many factors that can lead us to produce excessive hair oil and therefore look a dirty and unattractive hair.

Fortunately this is something that can be avoided through small changes or by using a shampoo for oily hair in our daily routine, as there are a number of methods that we can adopt to little by little improve the health and appearance of our hair. These are customs and ways of cleaning that will undoubtedly make us forget about hair oiliness forever.


  • 1 Acting against oily hair
  • 2 Use conditioner only on the ends
  • 3 Avoid very hot water
  • 4 Do not touch your hair!
  • 5 Follow a balanced diet

Acting against oily hair

Modify your washing routine Although it may seem somewhat obvious, many people ignore the importance of a good washing routine in order to achieve healthy hair. And when we talk about a “good wash”, we are not referring to washing your hair every day, as this can be counterproductive. Just choose to wash your hair with the right products two to three times a week instead of every day, and you’ll notice significant changes in no time.

Use conditioner only on the ends

One of the most common mistakes made by people who suffer from oily hair is to apply conditioner to the entire length of the hair. It is well known that the use of the conditioner should be limited exclusively to the ends, thus seeking to avoid dryness and brittleness at said ends. The same does not happen with the portion closest to the root, since by applying conditioner in this part, we will be promoting the accumulation of moisture and therefore more oil.

Avoid very hot water

Hot water is one of the main enemies of healthy hair. It is well known that applying hot water to our scalp will open our pores and stimulate the creation of hair oil. This is why it is recommended to use warm or cold water when washing the hair. The low temperature will help maintain hair hydration while the creation of oily matter will be slowed down by closing the cuticles.

Don’t touch your hair!

If you’re not combing your hair, there’s no reason to touch your hair. Keep in mind that your hair will come into contact with all the grease accumulated on your fingers and this will not be beneficial for your hair health at all. Just use a clean brush or comb and your hair will thank you.

Follow a balanced diet

having a good eating plan is without a doubt one of the best defenses against unhealthy, oily hair. If you suffer from oily hair, simply avoid foods loaded with saturated fat. Lean more towards foods that contain vitamin B7 or Zinc such as soybeans, oats, or celery, and you will see how this helps to gradually eliminate that accumulated fat on your scalp.

We have presented a series of recommendations and habits to adopt in your daily life that little by little will help you eliminate the oily material from your hair and forget about the problem forever. Simply give your hair the necessary care and the results will not be long in coming to light.