Did you know that you can lose weight through the ear?

That technology advances at such great steps that it never ceases to amaze us is a fact that no one disputes, but as much as we are prepared for the next inventions that are presented to us, the surprise always occurs because they constantly exceed our expectations. The latest thing that is already a reality because it was presented at the Mobile World Congress recently held in Barcelona is a hearing aid that allows you to lose weight.

When you read hearing aid and losing weight, you think you are being fooled. It is natural and normal. But that is just as true as the gadget that the British company Neurovalens has presented in Barcelona, ​​a hearing aid with which, according to data from the manufacturing company, 80% of the people who have worn them have lost weight.

The hearing aid works by emitting a mild electrical impulse that sends a signal to the brain to control appetite (Photo: iStock)

They are called Modius and they work by emitting a slight electrical impulse that sends a signal to the brain to control appetite and burn fat by driving the metabolism in this direction. In other words, it tricks the brain into believing that the body is performing physical exercise.

The hearing aid is accompanied by an instruction manual so that its users become familiar with it before starting to use it. It is shaped like an earphone with gel pads at the ends that are placed under the ears. If you buy it, you also receive 12-week pads as they are replaceable. In addition, it has a daily use limited to a maximum of one hour, and it is not recommended to use it more than five days a week. One last detail, the price, which is $449.

The same study that Neurovalens carried out before presenting it and that concluded with success in 80% of those studied, sets the period in which this 80% of users reduced an average of 8% of body fat at 16 weeks.~ 153~
80% of people who have tried it have seen favorable results (Photo: iStock)

The device has been one of the great impacts of the fair, which will soon have to change its name again because mobile telephony no longer has a place in it. In the case of Modius, its relationship with smartphones is that it is controlled through an app compatible with Android and iOS, which allows both controlling the device and monitoring progress.