Creams For Oily Skin

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As we all know, there are different types of skin, one of which is oily skin, which is due to excessive sebum production, generating shine and a greasy appearance that tends to make it more prone to blemishes and skin imperfections.


  • 1 How Do I Know If I Have Oily Skin?
  • 2 How To Treat Oily Skin?
  • 3 Creams For Oily Skin
  • 4 Recommended Creams For Oily Skin
  • 5 Dramatically Different, by Clinique
  • 6 Hydro Boost, by Neutrogena
  • 7 Cleanance Mat, by Eau Thermale Avene
  • How do I know if I have oily skin?

    Sometimes the diagnosis of oily skin is often confused with combination, which is when there is fat in the T zone of the face (nose, forehead, and chin) but normal or dry cheeks, however oily skin can be identified by:

      It shines and tends to get greasy.
    • Desire to wash or cleanse skin due to oily feeling.
    • Irregularities and imperfections.
    • Presence followed by blackheads and open pores.

    How to Treat Oily Skin?

    In order to reduce excessive oiliness on the skin, it is recommended to wash the face twice a day with products that are not alcohol-based; a diet balanced in carbohydrates and fat is also recommended as well as including enough fruits and vegetables.

    Using cosmetics designed for this type of skin, it is recommended that they contain clay, charcoal and other ingredients that help with the absorption of fat; include special creams for oily skin in the beauty routine, since this condition does not exhort it to need hydration and care.

    Creams For Oily Skin

    As you already know, oily skin, like all skin types, requires care and sometimes a moisturizer that provides it with the fluids necessary for its health; This skin type can also be sensitive, so products intended for it are usually light and gentle.

    Today the market offers us different brands that present a whole line of care for oily skin, including moisturizing creams, cleansers, sun protection, makeup, toners, and much more.

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    Recommended Creams For Oily Skin

    Below you will find some options that you can easily find and will help you control the excessive production of fat and that oily feeling that makes us touch up makeup often.

    Dramatically Different, by Clinique

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    The brand presents us with an oil-free moisturizer specially designed for oily skin, its formula provides nutrients that strengthen and improve appearance a few days after starting to use it.

    It is one of the products recommended by dermatologists to treat this type of skin, it must be used twice a day so that its oil-free gel fulfills its function and can generate the ideal balance, leaving our face soft and refreshing.

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost

    More than a cream, it is a water-based gel that works as a moisturizer day after day; Its ingredients also include moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which increases water absorption for a fresher result from the first application.

    It is recommended to use on the face and neck, once a day in the morning, placing a sufficient amount and spreading gently with the fingertips until covering the entire face, then you can apply makeup as usual and have healthy skin all day long. day.

    Cleansing Mat, by Eau Thermale Avene

    The brand offers us a whole line for the care of oily skin, its Cleanace Mat cream, which is approved by dermatologists and has been designed to regulate sebum production on a daily basis.

    It is one of the favorite creams among users since it generates a matte effect generated by the microcapsules of its formula, which are responsible for absorbing excess sebum and therefore eliminating shine; it also keeps the skin hydrated, fresh, and does not look or feel oily.

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