Benefits of Contrast Showers

A hot and cold shower at alternate times may not be the most attractive for a hungover morning, but the truth is that contrast showers have long-term benefits. As the body naturally adapts to changes in temperature, a contrast shower is practically a “gym” for our metabolism and vascular system. Therefore, a contrast shower in the morning can be considered a healthy habit. These are the main benefits of contrast showers:

1. They are simple and cheap

This type of shower is an accessible and cheap hydrotherapy treatment, compared to any commercial option. In other words, they are a cheap way to improve your circulation, reduce pain, and feel more energetic and revitalized.

2. Our vascular system trains

When the temperature changes, the veins dilate and contract. Faced with hot water, the body reacts with a vasodilation of the circulatory system, and the opposite happens with cold water. This supposes a strengthening of the immune system.

3. You have the benefits of hot and cold showers, together!

Cold showers help keep your skin and hair more hydrated than a hot shower, which tends to be more drying. In addition, they help to minimize the fatigue of your body and make you more alert, being more prepared to face the day to day. A cold shower can even be a good treatment for your mental health: according to some researchers it is part of a good treatment for depression.

On the other hand, hot showers promote muscle relaxation, so they are a good shock treatment for cervical and back pain… It is a good anti-stress: it improves the fight against tension as an effective muscle relaxant.~ 153~

Combining both types of water allows you to benefit more fully.

4. It’s a good toner

Contrast showers help tone the skin. This is actively used in both Arabic and Russian baths, and this purifying power can be replicated in your own bathtub or shower. So a contrast shower can help remove toxins from your body and repair your body and mind.