8 benefits of getting up 30 minutes earlier

How we like to sleep! What peace, what calm, what stillness. But everything breaks abruptly when the damn alarm goes off. And if you are a deep sleeper and have chosen one of those hammering tunes, the first thing that goes through your head is to take the alarm clock –which is the mobile in most cases– and smash it against the wall. But no –at least not always–, you hold on and give it to ring 10 minutes later. And then another 10. And 10 more. But… do you know that if you had gotten up first, things would have gone better? Do you know the benefits of getting up 30 minutes earlier?

I admire those who get up first time. I am one of those who spend half an hour –or more– delaying the unavoidable moment of opening my eyes, placing my feet on the ground and starting a new day. Every morning the same promise, but it doesn’t matter. It rings again and goes off again.

1. The day goes a long way

It is curious, and inherent to the human being, that whenever you get up early you realize that it is much better. That the day is more productive and profitable. However, it is worthless. The next day the ritual returns. When you manage to get up earlier, you realize that 24 hours are worth much more. Mid-morning arrives and you are finishing what, normally, you finish almost at lunchtime.

2. Away with stress

You get up, look at the time and a race against the clock begins that, in many cases, ends many hours later when you go back to bed. Shower, breakfast in bad manners -when you have breakfast-, you put on the first thing you catch and go to the street. It can’t be that stress from the first hour.

Running since morning (iStock)

3. Best performance

It has been proven that if you do everything in the previous point calmly, your subsequent performance at work will grow. You come to him without stress, with a smile on your face, even wanting to work! Well, maybe in the latter I have gone too far.

4. Breakfast

Although getting up 30 minutes earlier has already been included in the previous benefits, special emphasis must be placed on breakfast. The most important meal of the day deserves a little dedication. Make it a complete, balanced breakfast that gives you strength for a new day and that you take it sitting down, slowly and calmly. No sip coffee –with the corresponding burn– while you put on your shoes.

A good breakfast is essential to start the day on the right foot (iStock)

5. Exercise

Getting some exercise right after waking up is difficult to achieve, but with important benefits for the rest of the day. You don’t have to go running for an hour or ride your bike for two hours: at home, almost without getting out of bed, you can do a series of exercises that will wake you up and prepare you for the daily routine.

6. Nice

Getting up early, taking a shower, having breakfast and dressing calmly also helps your mood. You will be happier, cheerful, friendly and wanting to move forward.

At work you will be happier (iStock)

7. Agenda unburdened

Another of the benefits of getting up 30 minutes earlier has to do with meeting your commitments. If you go late from the morning, your schedule will be tight and, surely, you will have to leave things undone. Start a little early and the schedule will magically become doable.

8. finish before

If you set your own hours at work, getting up earlier will also help you finish earlier. And, therefore, make the most of the day for everything you want except work.

In some cases you can finish before work and enjoy yours (iStock)