6 natural remedies to alleviate a stiff neck at home.

There are few worse sensations to start the day than waking up blocked and with the typical neck pain. Torticollis is still an excessive contraction of the muscles in this area that stop moving well, even generating inflammation of the muscle with the unpronounceable name, the sternocleidomastoid.

In order to treat and prevent this ailment, it is necessary to adopt, on the one hand, a series of recommendations, and on the other, to accompany the treatment with a home remedy that is usually effective. Regarding the former, the most important thing is to sit correctly both at home and at work or in the car, and not stay in this position for many hours without changing it. Regarding the seconds, here are some of them specified:

1. Apply heat

In herbalists or specialized stores they sell thermal blankets but you can achieve the same effect at home with a pad soaked in hot water, for example. The more you tolerate it, the better, both in time and temperature.

2. Hot water bath

The effect is very similar since it is about giving heat to the area and relaxing it so that the muscles are released. It is important to submerge the painful area well.

Small gestures and the occasional home remedy can end the pain (Photo: iStock)

3. Grilled cabbage

Cabbage is interesting because many experts in home remedies believe that crushing a leaf of this vegetable and heating it on the griddle also produces a very beneficial effect for the neck.

4. Oregano tea

Oregano tea is said to be wonderful for neck pain. To produce it you have to use a quarter of oregano than water and drink at least two glasses of this tea a day.

5. Gentle massage

Another remedy is to make a paste with garlic and a few drops of camphor essential oil and massage the area well with it. Gentle massages are a great ally but you shouldn’t go too far if you don’t know the neck well. Leave that for the physio.

If the pain persists, see a specialist (Photo: iStock)

6. Oil Blend

A last natural remedy would be to mix a few drops of chamomile oil with eucalyptus oil and add all of this to 20 ml of vegetable oil and again massage the area well with it.