5 Tips to Quit Smoking

Whether you are one of those who only smoke “when I go out to a party” or one of those who stick a pack or two a day between your chest and back, quitting smoking is tremendously difficult. We all know that it is addictive and that one day we will probably have to give it up. But from said to fact, there is a stretch. Here are some tips for quitting smoking:

1. Set a reason

Obviously you want to quit smoking because it’s harmful, but there may be other reasons. Ask yourself why you should quit and what motivates you to quit, and remind yourself every time you falter. For example, many couples who are expecting a child quit smoking for that reason.

2. Separate smoking from other habits

Many people start by quitting smoking for a while –a few weeks, a year…- during times when it was normal to do so. That is, if you combine other habits with smoking, you can start there to disengage. For example, quitting smoking as soon as you wake up, when you drive to go to work -be careful not to get fined-, when you drink coffee, when you take a break at the office… This will help you get used to your body and mind.~153 ~

3. When you put it down: put it down

Whether you have done the above or not, this rule seems silly but it is not. When you quit smoking, quit. Get rid of your lighters and ashtrays, wear sunglasses when you pass by the tobacconist and never, ever, go near someone who is smoking in a bar or on a terrace. This is like leaving with a partner, you have to go through a series of degrees of separation and it’s better to cut it off once and for all than fool around for years.

4. Tell the people

Tell everyone. The more people know about it, the better. Thus, the social pressure not to quit, not to be a failure, will be much greater. And besides, your friends and family can help you a lot in the process, if they are serious about it. And they will put up with you better when you have fits of rage, or tantrums as a child.

5. Make a healthier life

It is often advisable to try to balance the hard process of quitting smoking with other lifestyle changes. Going out for a run, going to the gym, playing a sport, drinking a lot of water… Everything helps to overcome the symptoms of quitting smoking: irritability, dry throat, insomnia…

In short, there is no perfect plan to quit smoking. You can always talk to your family doctor or go to a center where they help in the process, but the most important thing is to be clear: either you stop smoking, or you stop smoking.