4 sleeping positions to improve your sleep and rest.

Many of us have big problems with insomnia. Others sleep for hours and hours, but do not feel that they have reached an optimal level of rest. Although there are many factors that can lead to sleep problems or a really comfortable sleep, many times the root of the problem is postural. That is, a bad posture can cause joint discomfort the next day, but also make it impossible to fall asleep. Here we show you some positions to sleep and rest better that you may not have known about.

1. Side decubitus (or sleeping on your side)

It is the most recommended posture for various reasons. According to a study from Stony Brook University (New York), published in the Journal of Neuroscience, sleeping on your side improves nervous system recovery and relieves heartburn. Cleaning the nervous system is not a trivial issue, since it is believed that it may be related to the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In addition, the lateral position is the most recommended for pregnant women.

2. fetal position

It is also a side position, but with greater withdrawal. This position is also ideal for improving stomach flow. In addition, it improves breathing (which is why it is recommended for all people with sleep apnea, and for anyone whose wife criticizes their snoring). Of course, we must try not to sleep on our extremities, because it causes morning cramps.

3. Missionary Pose

You’ve already thought wrong, huh, crooks. Well, it has nothing to do with sexual position. This position consists of sleeping on your side, fully stretched out, and extending your arms as far as possible in front of your face, forming a 90-degree angle between your trunk and arms. This position solves the problem of cramps that can be caused by the two previous positions.

4. face up

In general, it is less recommended than side poses, although many people take it as their preferred posture. It is said that it is the best position for the back, because it rests and is also stretched, not like in some lateral positions. However, in this position it is much more likely to snore, and it is advisable to sleep without a pillow or with an orthopedic (if not, the neck may suffer(.

Although these positions are the most recommendable, most experts consider that everything depends on the problems that each individual may suffer. That is, each person has to find the most comfortable position, which does not have to be the same as that of the others.