3 massages that positively affect your mood and skin

Many times we do not pay enough attention to the emotional factors that affect our body, such as stress, little sleep or a poor diet. Everything influences our state of mind and the consequences are reflected on our skin.

The skin is one of the most important organs of our body and therefore we must take care of it. Plus, it reveals more than meets the eye about our state of mind. The cells are controlled by the cutaneous nervous system and there is a very close relationship between the skin and the brain, since they are linked by millions of nerve connections.

Surely you have had a bad time at some time and looking in the mirror you have realized that you need to take care of yourself a little more and that you need to put the stress of everyday life aside and do more of what helps you to disconnect.

But, do you know which are the moods that are most reflected in the skin? We tell you below:

Moods that are most reflected in the skin


It is characterized by generating mental exhaustion. It causes skin disorders such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and favors the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The skin loses brightness and luminosity, becomes dehydrated and loses firmness, which accelerates premature aging.


It appears when a person experiences moments that are not easy to overcome. We tend to sleep little or have poor quality sleep that is finally reflected on our face, through dark circles, expression wrinkles with loss of luminosity and skin elasticity.


This occurs when a person’s mood is irritable and everything affects him negatively. This problem triggers wrinkles and new lines of expression.


Man’s greatest enemy. It is generated in the face of danger or insecurities when living in an unusual situation, something that is reflected by paleness on the face.

In order to combat these factors that negatively affect our state of mind, massages become the best option. For this reason, we take the opportunity to tell you what types of massages positively affect your state of mind so that you can get down to work and start taking care of yourself.

Does work overload you? Do you live in continuous stress that affects your day to day? Start taking care of yourself, because only then will you also take care of your skin. Next, we will reveal which massages are the right ones to be in a good mood and take care of our skin:

Massages: stress relievers and bad mood

Ayurvedic massage

This type of relaxing massage depends on the application of different essential oils that are selected according to each patient and works both for healing and prevention (heals, prevents diseases and rebalances the body).

Thai massage, Chinese massage as well as Ayurveda massage have something in common: the study of the body as a being that generates different energies. The benefits of this massage are several and among them are:

– Reduces anxiety, as a deep relaxation healing is achieved for the nervous system.

– Nourishes and tones muscle tissues and skin.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Help debugging.

In addition, there are 5 types of Ayurvedic massages. Each one focuses on different ailments and therefore treats all particular imbalances.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is one of the most popular treatments in massage centers and spas, as it combines the power of essential oils and massage therapy to benefit the mind and body.

For this type of massage, various essential oils are applied, depending on the oil used, it improves the mood, relieves pain or detoxifies the body.

When the aroma of the oils is inhaled, the nose detects it and connects it with the limbic system of the brain, which controls emotions.

Hot stone massage

Surely you have also heard of this type of massage. Hot, flat stones of volcanic origin are placed on the body to help relax the muscles.

They are placed by exerting light pressure on the chakras, meridians or acupuncture points present on the back, face, arms and legs. In this way we activate the vital flow, achieving complete harmony with oneself.

Massages with hot stones have a positive effect in improving the symptoms of depression.