10 tips to control the smell of sweat

It is very unpleasant when we are in public transport, in an establishment or in any other place and the person next to us emits the smell of sweat. In some cases, bad luck will have led us to approach an unhygienic person (to put it mildly). But there are other times when it’s not about that. There are people who really have a problem and although their body hygiene is very correct, they generate bad odors as soon as they sweat a little.

So let’s try to point out some tips to avoid this smell of sweat. Beyond, of course, the logical recommendations: shower. We count on you already doing this.

1. Wash the armpits well

We have said before that you have to shower, but if you usually smell sweat, you will have to make a little more effort than normal to clean your armpits. Make sure there are no traces of soap or deodorant.

2. Clothes

We are not going to say that we have to buy special clothes, but if we sweat a lot, it would be good to avoid tight-fitting clothes and synthetic fabrics.

3. Waxing

Removing armpit hair will also improve the situation.

4. Food and beverages

There may be people who don’t know this, but when we eat meals with plenty of onion or garlic; or if we drink a lot of coffee or alcoholic beverages the smell of sweat will be stronger.

5.- Antiperspirant

Another good solution is to change your deodorant to an antiperspirant.

6. dry out

I know that it is not easy to dry yourself all the time, but if we are one of those who sweat a lot, it is worth taking a handkerchief with us and, periodically, we dry our foreheads and other points of sweating that we can easily access.

7. Washing clothes

It is also logical. Many times the smell has settled directly on the shirt. We will have to put the washing machine on more often.

8. Vinegar and alcohol

And the last three tips are from “grandma’s”. The first: mix vinegar and alcohol. Two parts of the first and one of the second and give it to our armpits with a cloth every night.

9. Baking Soda

To apply baking soda, the armpits must be perfectly dry. Then we give it to ourselves with a cotton ball, for example, we spread it a little and leave it. This way we will also make the smell of sweat go away.

The aloe vera liquid will help us remove the smell of sweat (iStock)

10. Aloe Vera

Among the many properties of aloe vera there is also that of avoiding the smell of sweat. We will apply a little of its liquid and it will act quickly. In addition, it will give us an excellent feeling of freshness.

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