10 qualities of self-confident people

Many times we feel that if we were more sure of ourselves, we would have done something better or we would be able to aspire to greater goals. But of course, one can learn to be more sure of oneself, but in the end the way to achieve it depends on each one. What is certain is that self-confident people share a series of qualities:

1. They believe in themselves

And it is that being sure of oneself and believing in oneself are not exactly the same thing. You can believe that you have all the cards to be the next Álex Ubago, but tremble in front of your friends when you go to karaoke. But to be a self-confident person, it is practically mandatory to believe in yourself.

2. They undertake difficult tasks

Entrepreneur Henry Ford said that you are right whether you think you can do something or whether you think you can’t do it. This means that if you do not put all the meat on the grill it is very possible that you will not be able to do anything. Acting begets reactions, and self-confident people tend to be active.

3. They don’t fear failure

For this very reason, these people are not afraid of failing, because they know that each mistake is one more step, not a step back (thanks Vetusta Morla).

4. They don’t compare (or don’t need to)

Comparing ourselves with other people is often a habit that can be harmful to ourselves. Self-confident people do not need to compare themselves with others to assert themselves, nor to cause themselves suffering.

5. They rejoice in the successes of others

It is closely related to the previous point. Of course, they are people who tend to believe in meritocracy, so they will not always be happy if they consider that success is undeserved.

6. They know how to say no

Sometimes we say yes to things that don’t interest us, for the simple fact that we think we have no other choice. Self-confident people do not impose a rock or a wall. They are capable of refusing things of which they are not convinced.

7. They flirt more

Or at least, more than they would flirt if they were less self-assured. A person with poise will always be more attractive.

8. They admit their flaws

Which does not mean that they do not know their weak points, or that they are capable of analyzing and identifying their insecurities. Even so, they are people who will always try to improve in those aspects.

9. listen

Egocentrism does not have to be a typical quality of self-confident people. What’s more, these people tend to listen more because they don’t feel the need to impose their thoughts on others or to vindicate themselves.

10. They exercise (or not)

This is where there is more controversy. According to research from the Eastern Ontario Research Institute, people who exercise weekly feel more confident. Both socially and academically. And they also have higher self-esteem. But of course, other very self-confident people do not have to resort to physical exercise to raise their self-esteem. And you, what do you think?