10 lies that we have all believed about the gym

The gym is a perfect place to get in shape or simply disconnect from our routine, but there are myths about it that give us false expectations. These are some lies that we have all believed about the gym and that by X or Y are not totally true.

1. In six weeks you’re “peao”

Everyone sells tricks to get a six pack in two weeks or be hunky in a month, but the truth is that after a small and perhaps surprising swelling at the beginning, you will understand that the gym is about more than just muscle.~ 153~

2. It’s full of hot girls/hot guys

Let’s see, there are girls who take care of themselves in the gym, yes. But the levels of beauty are similar to what you’ll find in any place full of young people, although stronger.

3. The gym is a perfect place to flirt

In Enviable Health we have given you little tricks to flirt in the gym. And they work. However, it is rare for people to interact and as of now we do not have a visor in our eyes that allows us to obtain contact details of others just by looking at them.

The love of your life may not go to the gym (iStock)

4. Join zumba

Now this is the end of points 2 and 3. It turns out that in all Zumba classes there are apparently quirky, nice and open Victoria’s Secret models. In contrast, in Zumba classes at your gym, there are only three elderly women who sway unsexily. And you.

5. The gym will fill you with energy and vitality

It depends on the person, but the most normal thing is that when you leave the gym you are tired. Always. And may you be tired for the rest of the day.

6. Your shoelaces are going to go away

It’s true that you can get used to them, but if you keep up a high pace…they don’t go away, they won’t go away.

7. The gym is good for a hangover

There is some dupe with iron genetics who can recover from a “hangover” by doing sports. But it’s probably not a hangover of yours. If you think of getting on a stationary bike in that state, you might end up worse off than you already are.

8. Proteins will kill you

You can take all the juices and supplements in the world, without consistency for long periods of time you will not achieve anything in terms of muscle building.

9. There aren’t that many “maces” in the gym

Except at the last minute, when the most petty are there. Or in the morning. Or at any time. And yes, they are nice. But they look at you a lot and you can tell they look down on your minibiceps with contempt. In any case, there are also more “shrink” people, so you can always do reverse peer pressure.

10. The gym “hooks”

Although one gets into the habit of going and feels better about oneself, all of us, even the most petty, have moments of laziness in which we don’t feel like it